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We believe adopting AI will significantly enhance our competitive edge. As a leading global investment firm in a regulated industry, controls are essential. Apex has helped us implement the building blocks for AI effectively, allowing for its future expansion across our firm.

Adam , CIO, Investment Firm

Apex provides the fastest time to value i’ve seen in the security domain. With an agentless solution that takes minutes to deploy, you get visibility across your GenAI activity, enforce company’s policies on it, and detect threats instantly.

Brian Lozada , Director of Security, Amazon GME

During the work with Apex it became clear to me that Apex is an enabler of secure & compliant generative AI use. Organizations can enable their user population to be more efficient while still ensuring compliance with corporate standards and policies. Keeping up with all of the emerging generative AI platforms is a daunting task, but with Apex it doesn’t have to be; and we can give our users what they need – the power & ability to harness AI.

Kyle Bubp , Executive Director, Global Attack Surface Management, JLL

AI is the most exciting frontier, and the biggest security challenge of our decade. From the ground up, Apex is built for the enterprise adoption of AI – with deep understanding of AI context, enterprise needed features, and state of the art detection engine.

Rene Bonvanie , Ex-CMO Palo Alto Networks

Every week a new AI use case arises, which could generate additional business opportunities for us. Apex provides the much needed security platform and secure enablement capabilities, so we can feel confident and secure as we unlock the potential of AI across our organization.

CISO, S&P 500 Company

Apex is focused on protecting companies in their use of AI so they can “sell more jeans”. Their capabilities effectively enable business innovation, without compromising company’s security. They built their product so that it can support any AI use case for years to come. They are a crucial first line of defense, last line of defense, and proof of defense for all your AI usage.

Steve Zalewski , Former CISO at Levi Strauss

With Apex I have unified access to all of my favorite LLMs. It helps me be more productive as I can easily switch models and use them with my company’s data and internal file systems. I use Apex daily and get the best out of AI

Tom , Apex Portal user, public company

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